Our Work

Our Work includes:

  • Informing, educating and supporting all people who have diabetes and their families.
  • Acting as an advocate for people with diabetes, lobbying for better facilities, cheaper medication and better services.
  • Promoting prevention through public awareness of diabetes, its symptoms and risks.

We have working relationships with

  • University medical departments
  • Ministry of Health and Child care and City health departments
  • Zimbabwe Medical Association
  • Non-government organizations working in related fields within the primary health care sector.
  • Industry, including pharmaceutical companies and other companies servicing people with diabetes.

Diabetics Association of Zimbabwe is primarily a volunteer organisation and relies heavily on people with diabetes and their families who pool their talents, share their knowledge and experiences and give of their time to help each other. You too could be a great organizer and get everyone off on a big walk or you may, equally valuable, be a friendly face at the end of a hospital bed. Call us and see where you may be able to assist others with diabetes.